Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Throwing a birthday party can be a very stressful thing to do. Some people like to throw
extravagant parties while others believe simplicity is key. No matter your preference, knowing
the costs and preparations beforehand can help you tremendously when planning a party.
If you have a roomy house and a space that can fit all your guests then a birthday party at
home sounds like a good idea. Of course, there are many things you will need to do before
contacting your guests and inviting them over. First you’re gonna need serving-ware such as
plates, napkins, cups, utensils, etc. All of which can be found in discount stores for a low price.
Decorations like balloons and banners can also be found in a local discount store. Now that the
basics are out of the way, what is a party without food? To save money, it is better not to
provide a million food choices to your guests. Instead pick well-known and preferable food
options to serve. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite part- the cake. Whether it’s homemade or
fresh from a bakery, everyone loves cake! Last but not least, you will need entertainment.
Staring at each other is fun and all but having something to get everyone engaged is better. Not
every party needs to have a $500 certified party entertainer. You can buy board games, have a
relative throw on a Elmo costume, or have your artistically gifted friend face-paint for the night.
You can get as creative as you want while still saving money.
If you feel that your house won’t make the cut for the location of your birthday party then an
event venue might be a better option for you. Based on the venue and its packages, booking a
party place can be just as affordable as a home party. Whether you are paying a couple
hundreds or a couple thousands for a party venue all depends on you and your budget. The
benefits of booking a party place is that most of the hard work is done for you. Setup done.
Cleaning done. And for most party places, entertainment and food will be covered as well based
on the package. So that leaves you with the sole responsibility of sending the right address to all
of the guests. Just sit back relax and watch mostly everything be handled for you.
With all these tips in mind, hopefully the next time you plan a birthday party you will feel
well-prepared and will successfully throw a wonderful event filled with good memories for


Nya Theophile

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The food’s burnt, kids are screaming, and the neighbors are angry. The party planned was a total mess, and it’s embarrassing for whoever planned it. Let’s avoid all that. Planning a party is an exhaustive and complicated process that might overwhelm any parent. Max Adventures has your back in all your party planning needs. Children's food is completely covered, games for kids of all ages, as well as virtual reality for adults. Set-up as well as cleanup is covered by our highly trained 7 party hosts who take care of your every party needs, adult or child. Constantly with smiles on their faces, they focus on making the party a stress-free, enjoyable environment for the entire family.
          A party done at home consists of many obstacles to overcome, including space, food, and overall entertainment. The basics for a birthday party entertainment (Virtual Reality, Laser Tag, as well as Arcade games). Virtual reality costs $400 just for the device, including a wide selection of games for all age groups; it’ll come out to $650-$875. Virtual Reality at Max Adventures is only $150 and is complete with fun for the whole family! Arcade games rentals as well are extremely overpriced at a whopping $400-$600 charge per machine, at Max Adventures; it is included in all of our packages. Laser tag is a $25 charge per child, whereas at Max Adventures it is included in the majority of our packages. Laser Maze is as well included in the majority of Max Adventures party packages, and cannot be found to be purchased for home party, which proves it exclusive to Max Adventures party facility.
          Photography is a key in remembering a great experience, as well as an expensive one, at Max Adventures we have all of your photography needs as well as an interactive game for children to keep them intrigued during the photos. Max Adventures Magic Mirror photo booth allows parents and children to take as many pictures as they would like, and are capable of being uploaded to all major Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Max Adventures is able to handle the joy of a party free of an extra fee.
          The most tiring and time consuming part of any party is the setup as well as the cleanup. When doing a party at home with a large amount of kids and adults, it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to keep everyone entertained as well as keeping things organized and clean. Max Adventures staff consists of around seven trained individuals with a commitment of helping with every need that you or any member of your party may have. Max Adventures staff is obligated to keep their customers happy as well as enjoy doing so.
          Max Adventures is meant to create an environment in which parents can relax, families can enjoy themselves, and children can consistently have smiles on their faces. A party done at home is an expensive one, as well as a time consuming one. Max Adventures takes care of the party from start to finish with the sole purpose of pleasing every family member. Book a party at Max Adventures and stress will not be an issue, the only focus all participants will have is “What should I do next?”