Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Throwing a birthday party can be a very stressful thing to do. Some people like to throw
extravagant parties while others believe simplicity is key. No matter your preference, knowing
the costs and preparations beforehand can help you tremendously when planning a party.
If you have a roomy house and a space that can fit all your guests then a birthday party at
home sounds like a good idea. Of course, there are many things you will need to do before
contacting your guests and inviting them over. First you’re gonna need serving-ware such as
plates, napkins, cups, utensils, etc. All of which can be found in discount stores for a low price.
Decorations like balloons and banners can also be found in a local discount store. Now that the
basics are out of the way, what is a party without food? To save money, it is better not to
provide a million food choices to your guests. Instead pick well-known and preferable food
options to serve. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite part- the cake. Whether it’s homemade or
fresh from a bakery, everyone loves cake! Last but not least, you will need entertainment.
Staring at each other is fun and all but having something to get everyone engaged is better. Not
every party needs to have a $500 certified party entertainer. You can buy board games, have a
relative throw on a Elmo costume, or have your artistically gifted friend face-paint for the night.
You can get as creative as you want while still saving money.
If you feel that your house won’t make the cut for the location of your birthday party then an
event venue might be a better option for you. Based on the venue and its packages, booking a
party place can be just as affordable as a home party. Whether you are paying a couple
hundreds or a couple thousands for a party venue all depends on you and your budget. The
benefits of booking a party place is that most of the hard work is done for you. Setup done.
Cleaning done. And for most party places, entertainment and food will be covered as well based
on the package. So that leaves you with the sole responsibility of sending the right address to all
of the guests. Just sit back relax and watch mostly everything be handled for you.
With all these tips in mind, hopefully the next time you plan a birthday party you will feel
well-prepared and will successfully throw a wonderful event filled with good memories for


Nya Theophile

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The food’s burnt, kids are screaming, and the neighbors are angry. The party planned was a total mess, and it’s embarrassing for whoever planned it. Let’s avoid all that. Planning a party is an exhaustive and complicated process that might overwhelm any parent. Max Adventures has your back in all your party planning needs. Children's food is completely covered, games for kids of all ages, as well as virtual reality for adults. Set-up as well as cleanup is covered by our highly trained 7 party hosts who take care of your every party needs, adult or child. Constantly with smiles on their faces, they focus on making the party a stress-free, enjoyable environment for the entire family.
          A party done at home consists of many obstacles to overcome, including space, food, and overall entertainment. The basics for a birthday party entertainment (Virtual Reality, Laser Tag, as well as Arcade games). Virtual reality costs $400 just for the device, including a wide selection of games for all age groups; it’ll come out to $650-$875. Virtual Reality at Max Adventures is only $150 and is complete with fun for the whole family! Arcade games rentals as well are extremely overpriced at a whopping $400-$600 charge per machine, at Max Adventures; it is included in all of our packages. Laser tag is a $25 charge per child, whereas at Max Adventures it is included in the majority of our packages. Laser Maze is as well included in the majority of Max Adventures party packages, and cannot be found to be purchased for home party, which proves it exclusive to Max Adventures party facility.
          Photography is a key in remembering a great experience, as well as an expensive one, at Max Adventures we have all of your photography needs as well as an interactive game for children to keep them intrigued during the photos. Max Adventures Magic Mirror photo booth allows parents and children to take as many pictures as they would like, and are capable of being uploaded to all major Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Max Adventures is able to handle the joy of a party free of an extra fee.
          The most tiring and time consuming part of any party is the setup as well as the cleanup. When doing a party at home with a large amount of kids and adults, it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to keep everyone entertained as well as keeping things organized and clean. Max Adventures staff consists of around seven trained individuals with a commitment of helping with every need that you or any member of your party may have. Max Adventures staff is obligated to keep their customers happy as well as enjoy doing so.
          Max Adventures is meant to create an environment in which parents can relax, families can enjoy themselves, and children can consistently have smiles on their faces. A party done at home is an expensive one, as well as a time consuming one. Max Adventures takes care of the party from start to finish with the sole purpose of pleasing every family member. Book a party at Max Adventures and stress will not be an issue, the only focus all participants will have is “What should I do next?”

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

     Throwing A Party At Home VS. A Party Place

   Every parent has a lot on their plate, from taking care of their children to going to work.  Which hardly ever leaves free time. Now try adding your child’s birthday party. Putting together what seems to be the best day ever. Except, this year you decided to do your child’s birthday party at home and somehow you’re going to manage to take your so little spare time to organize the party. You the have the location obviously, your home but what about everything else?
              From food to set up to clean up, this whole party is going to be on you. Every last detail haunting you till the day of the party. For starters, you have to get pizza, drinks and just about enough for both parents and kids even the ones who haven’t rvsp'd yet. So that about on average is about between $100-$200 dollars. Oh by the way that’s not counting parental guests. Moving on to decorations. That’s about another $100-$250 dollars on a few banners, plates, napkins, etc. Next you got the cake which rounds about another $150-$300 dollars. Of course you can always make the cake yourself but who’s got time for that. You have a lot of work to do. Alright now that you prepared everything, what are the kids going to do during the party? Will it be a rented bouncy castle ($150-$400), or a costumed character ($250) or maybe a magician ($250-$450) or the photo booth ($400)? And don’t forget about the tip on top of that. Finally you’re done. The party’s set up, the food is in order, the entertainer is coming and the cake is on its way. Two, three hours pass and the party is over. Your child is ecstatic and you’re exhausted. Except it isn’t over yet. It’s time to clean up the mess all the kids made. Don’t worry it will only take a few hours. Finally you’re finished.
         The party was a knockout and all went well. So you proceed to do the math and calculate how much you spent all together on the party, it landed to over $1000 dollars. Now you decided to see how many hours you spent organizing the party, which was close to about a whole day.  Look on the bright side the venue was free.
           Unfortunately, you’re not done yet. Your daughter’s sixth birthday is coming up which means it’s time to throw another party. Except this time you don’t want to spend all those hours organizing, cleaning up, shopping, etc. So you start to look for other options, maybe a birthday party place. You find one near your house called MaxAdventures. By doing a birthday party place there, you’re going to save the time and energy of setting up, plus the entertainment comes with the birthday party places, tons of games, a soft play gym, huge beach ball pit, arcades, virtual reality, laser maze, glow in the dark party, pie in the face, dancing, photo booth, bouncy house and much more. This will also be good if you party contains kids of various ages, so no one will feel left out or bored. Of course you can always invite your adult friends and they can even participate in all the fun activities and games. Food and cake comes with the party place, so that already eliminates shopping time for decorations, food and entertainment. Not to mention, the best part you don’t have to spend the time cleaning up food it’s all done for you. So in the end all you have to do is focus on you and your kid having the best day ever. Luckily the birthday party packages start anywhere from $795 and go up. That is right about the same if making the party at home. In the end your daughter's sixth birthday went perfect and this time you didn’t have to go through the hassle and you can enjoy the day with your family.

Friday, April 13, 2018

teacher discount from Max Adventures Party Place
Teacher Discount

At Max Adventures Party Place we sincerely appreciate all you do each and every day to prepare New York students for a lifetime of success.
To Book Call Us (718) 676-9577


NYC Educators can receive a 5% discount on any birthday party package at Max Adventures Party Place by providing a copy of their school ID, a letter of employment on school letterhead, or a copy of a pay stub (you should delete private information like your Social Security number, but leave your name and employer's name). 
This discount cannot be combined with any other promotions. An active and valid id must be presented to take advantage of this offer. All school ID's must be accompanied by state photo id. Max Adventures reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time without notice. Offer is good for new bookings only. Any current offer can NOT be combined with any other offers/discounts. Discount will be applied before tax.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

kids birthday party places
No Place Screams Maximum Fun Like Max Adventures
With incredible glow in the dark options, countless virtual reality games, unforgettable 3D coloring pages, and the friendliest staff around, there are many kids party places in Brooklyn, New York but there is only ONE Max Adventures!
At Max Adventures, fun is their specialty, uniqueness is their mastery, and safety is their priority. With two floors filled with addictive games, interactive activities, and all the customization your heart desires, this is the best place to provide anyone with a permanent smile and an unforgettable experience.
The 7,000 square foot facility is perfectly divided to make the most out of every party. Upstairs, the play area is filled with endless games, a parent’s lounge, and a soft-play gym that would put all playgrounds to shame. Downstairs, the fun doesn’t stop as the 1,000 square foot party room becomes the ideal place for food, drinks, augmented reality, 3D coloring pages, wax hand molds, and even a little surprise. The most exciting part? When the lights go off, the fun is just getting started. The entire facility is equipped with black lights, neon walls, and glow-in-the-dark carpeting. To complete the experience, not only do all the plates, cups, and utensils all glow, but every child gets to go home with glow-in-the-dark balloons, toys, and accessories making sure the party never ends. 
Best of all, Max Adventures is fun for the whole family! No matter if you’re 3, 13, or 73 you’ll be having the time of your life. For the little ones, there are tons of options to keep them busy while keeping the adults happy: the giant inflatable beach ball pit is the ideal place for spontaneous, joyous, and never ending play, the addictive bounce castle transports the jumper to another world, and the humongous connect four games turns a childhood favorite into a life-size event.
Besides, while they are playing, you are relaxing. Each floor has a separate parent area with flat screen TVs, Keurig coffee machines, and either a glass door or live video to make sure you have the option to still keep an eye on the children. And, whenever you feel like you want to join them and let out your inner child out, there are plenty of options.
Every person who spends at least a minute at Max Adventures has to try out the incredible, high-tech, arcade-style laser maze. Step foot into the magical room and you are no longer at a birthday party in Brooklyn, you are a top spy, expertly avoiding lasers as you attempt to steal a precious jewel from the highly secure bank vault and make it back to safety. Then, once you’ve shown off your impressive spy skills, play the second game option and get ready to break a sweat. Now, instead of avoiding every laser, you have a minute to run through as many as you possibly can. It’s a fast paced and heart pumping experience.
Still, if you’ve already played both options more times than you can count or laser mazes are just not your cup tea, there are so many other exciting activities. How about taking a trip through the incredible soft play gym and get to climb giant yoga balls, swing on an exhilarating zipline, climb monkey bars, travel down a huge spiral slide, and get a bird’s eye view of everything going on underneath you? Or why not use the magic mirror photo booth where you can interact with animations and take photos and videos to post to your favorite social media? Maybe arcade games and glow in the dark GaGa ball is more your strong suit? How about swimming with sharks or standing on top of a 100 story skyscraper or coming face to face with a life size dinosaur through the miracle of virtual reality? Either way, no matter what you love or find interesting, Max Adventures has it!
So next time you’re struggling with questions like “are there any good party places near me?” or “where’s the best place to have a kid’s birthday party?” there is clearly only one answer: Max Adventures!
glow party  place

Ilona Cherepakhina


kids party place
Fun party place for all age groups

          MaxAdventures is the place you want to go to for your child’s next birthday party. We do girls parties, boys parties, younger kids parties and so much more. We all know that when you go to a regular birthday party its fun, your kids have fun but it doesn’t give that homie feeling you would get with us, at Max Adventures. With our special offers and packages you can choose from a Glow in the dark party to a Regular birthday party with whatever theme you guys want to do.
birthday party places          A few things we have that other party places forget is at Max Adventures your family, we will treat your family and make sure your satisfied with the outcome of your party. Here in Brooklyn we know how to run a party and Max Adventures will have you wanting to come back every year for your kids. When you search for boys birthday parties or girls birthday parties you see images from a regular party but we aren't ordinary were extraordinary and that's what your children's experience will be like when you guys stop by and book your party. As the parties come and go we make memories. One thing that does make us stand out from other places is our staff, unlike other places our staff is a combination of people who bring joy to others and at the same time get the job done. Our party hosts are well trained and know how to work the attractions we have such as in the soft play gym we always have a staff member looking out for the kids and as the party goes on their always around making sure both parents and kids are having fun. The staff isn’t there to stop you from having fun, they are there to have fun with you and look after to as if your family. When you come for a party we greet you at the front door, we take your coats, check you guys in and make sure you guys know your way around. Our staff is one of a kind and will treat you with kindness.
soft playground for children
          A few things about Max Adventures to know is that we are a private and not open to the public which means when you book your party we make sure those who are supposed to be there are there and we make sure that everything is alright. When you stop by your more than welcome to check the place out and see what we are made of, however it depends on the day you would like to come. Which is why we suggest you call first before stopping by. As we go more into what we are about you will find that our crazy cool slide and zipline in our soft play gym is kid safe and always watched over by a staff member and your able to see your kids up there and parents are more than welcome to climb up there and have fun to and hey you can even try the slide. Our Ball Pit is filled with crazy cool emoji balls with funny faces and lots of colorful beach balls, your kids will have so much fun in there with our staff and parents to, another thing we do in the Ball Pit is we play GaGa ball to Limbo, our Kids Vs Parents game and so many more games to keep the kids active and having fun. Oh and let’s not forget about our Laser Maze and Virtual Reality. In our Laser Maze kids can run threw or even avoid touching the lasers and we even have challenges we like to do with the kids. Our Virtual Reality is the must have at parties because it will have you feeling like your inside the game but in the outside your with us. As we go on more to threw the party once we bring everyone downstairs so the kids can eat we do Dancing, Karaoke, Games with the parents, Pie in the Face, Twisting Balloons, Wax Hands and so much more fun things that it would make you write a whole book of how much fun you will have with us.
glow in the dark party
          Max Adventures is the place to go for your child’s next birthday because you guys will have fun today and memories tomorrow. Don’t forget to check us out on our webpage for more information and give us a call at (718) 676-9577.

Emina Feratovic

Throwing a birthday party can be a very stressful thing to do. Some people like to throw extravagant parties while others believe simplicit...