Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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No Place Screams Maximum Fun Like Max Adventures
With incredible glow in the dark options, countless virtual reality games, unforgettable 3D coloring pages, and the friendliest staff around, there are many kids party places in Brooklyn, New York but there is only ONE Max Adventures!
At Max Adventures, fun is their specialty, uniqueness is their mastery, and safety is their priority. With two floors filled with addictive games, interactive activities, and all the customization your heart desires, this is the best place to provide anyone with a permanent smile and an unforgettable experience.
The 7,000 square foot facility is perfectly divided to make the most out of every party. Upstairs, the play area is filled with endless games, a parent’s lounge, and a soft-play gym that would put all playgrounds to shame. Downstairs, the fun doesn’t stop as the 1,000 square foot party room becomes the ideal place for food, drinks, augmented reality, 3D coloring pages, wax hand molds, and even a little surprise. The most exciting part? When the lights go off, the fun is just getting started. The entire facility is equipped with black lights, neon walls, and glow-in-the-dark carpeting. To complete the experience, not only do all the plates, cups, and utensils all glow, but every child gets to go home with glow-in-the-dark balloons, toys, and accessories making sure the party never ends. 
Best of all, Max Adventures is fun for the whole family! No matter if you’re 3, 13, or 73 you’ll be having the time of your life. For the little ones, there are tons of options to keep them busy while keeping the adults happy: the giant inflatable beach ball pit is the ideal place for spontaneous, joyous, and never ending play, the addictive bounce castle transports the jumper to another world, and the humongous connect four games turns a childhood favorite into a life-size event.
Besides, while they are playing, you are relaxing. Each floor has a separate parent area with flat screen TVs, Keurig coffee machines, and either a glass door or live video to make sure you have the option to still keep an eye on the children. And, whenever you feel like you want to join them and let out your inner child out, there are plenty of options.
Every person who spends at least a minute at Max Adventures has to try out the incredible, high-tech, arcade-style laser maze. Step foot into the magical room and you are no longer at a birthday party in Brooklyn, you are a top spy, expertly avoiding lasers as you attempt to steal a precious jewel from the highly secure bank vault and make it back to safety. Then, once you’ve shown off your impressive spy skills, play the second game option and get ready to break a sweat. Now, instead of avoiding every laser, you have a minute to run through as many as you possibly can. It’s a fast paced and heart pumping experience.
Still, if you’ve already played both options more times than you can count or laser mazes are just not your cup tea, there are so many other exciting activities. How about taking a trip through the incredible soft play gym and get to climb giant yoga balls, swing on an exhilarating zipline, climb monkey bars, travel down a huge spiral slide, and get a bird’s eye view of everything going on underneath you? Or why not use the magic mirror photo booth where you can interact with animations and take photos and videos to post to your favorite social media? Maybe arcade games and glow in the dark GaGa ball is more your strong suit? How about swimming with sharks or standing on top of a 100 story skyscraper or coming face to face with a life size dinosaur through the miracle of virtual reality? Either way, no matter what you love or find interesting, Max Adventures has it!
So next time you’re struggling with questions like “are there any good party places near me?” or “where’s the best place to have a kid’s birthday party?” there is clearly only one answer: Max Adventures!
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