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Fun party place for all age groups

          MaxAdventures is the place you want to go to for your child’s next birthday party. We do girls parties, boys parties, younger kids parties and so much more. We all know that when you go to a regular birthday party its fun, your kids have fun but it doesn’t give that homie feeling you would get with us, at Max Adventures. With our special offers and packages you can choose from a Glow in the dark party to a Regular birthday party with whatever theme you guys want to do.
birthday party places          A few things we have that other party places forget is at Max Adventures your family, we will treat your family and make sure your satisfied with the outcome of your party. Here in Brooklyn we know how to run a party and Max Adventures will have you wanting to come back every year for your kids. When you search for boys birthday parties or girls birthday parties you see images from a regular party but we aren't ordinary were extraordinary and that's what your children's experience will be like when you guys stop by and book your party. As the parties come and go we make memories. One thing that does make us stand out from other places is our staff, unlike other places our staff is a combination of people who bring joy to others and at the same time get the job done. Our party hosts are well trained and know how to work the attractions we have such as in the soft play gym we always have a staff member looking out for the kids and as the party goes on their always around making sure both parents and kids are having fun. The staff isn’t there to stop you from having fun, they are there to have fun with you and look after to as if your family. When you come for a party we greet you at the front door, we take your coats, check you guys in and make sure you guys know your way around. Our staff is one of a kind and will treat you with kindness.
soft playground for children
          A few things about Max Adventures to know is that we are a private and not open to the public which means when you book your party we make sure those who are supposed to be there are there and we make sure that everything is alright. When you stop by your more than welcome to check the place out and see what we are made of, however it depends on the day you would like to come. Which is why we suggest you call first before stopping by. As we go more into what we are about you will find that our crazy cool slide and zipline in our soft play gym is kid safe and always watched over by a staff member and your able to see your kids up there and parents are more than welcome to climb up there and have fun to and hey you can even try the slide. Our Ball Pit is filled with crazy cool emoji balls with funny faces and lots of colorful beach balls, your kids will have so much fun in there with our staff and parents to, another thing we do in the Ball Pit is we play GaGa ball to Limbo, our Kids Vs Parents game and so many more games to keep the kids active and having fun. Oh and let’s not forget about our Laser Maze and Virtual Reality. In our Laser Maze kids can run threw or even avoid touching the lasers and we even have challenges we like to do with the kids. Our Virtual Reality is the must have at parties because it will have you feeling like your inside the game but in the outside your with us. As we go on more to threw the party once we bring everyone downstairs so the kids can eat we do Dancing, Karaoke, Games with the parents, Pie in the Face, Twisting Balloons, Wax Hands and so much more fun things that it would make you write a whole book of how much fun you will have with us.
glow in the dark party
          Max Adventures is the place to go for your child’s next birthday because you guys will have fun today and memories tomorrow. Don’t forget to check us out on our webpage https://www.maxadventuresny.com/ for more information and give us a call at (718) 676-9577.

Emina Feratovic

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