Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Max Adventures
            Max Adventures, located in the Marine Park area of Brooklyn, New York, specializes in private birthday parties for kids of all ages. From offering a wide variety of packages and attractions, there will definitely be something that’s right for you. Whether its having a party with glow in the dark blacklight, laser maze or virtual reality not only will the kids party their way into a memory, but the parents will too.
“Fun today, Memories Tomorrow” is more than just a phrase for us. To make sure everyone leaves with their biggest smile, we make sure everyone from the birthday child to the guests get the most out of their package. By constant reminders of the attractions open for each of our parties to having our staff assist each customer one on one to make them as comfortable as they can be allow us to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to all that we have to offer. From the moment you enter, to the moment you leave, we give everyone our full attention and help them feel more at home. We offer the parents a chance to relax and take a load off their shoulders by relaxing in the far quieter parents lounge while sipping some hot coffee and tea, if included in the package. We also make sure to get the active parents involved by playing games where the parents compete against the kids or having interactive dances with the parents and kids. If the parents are really up for a challenge, and the virtual reality is included on the bundle, we offer the parents a chance in try and put their fear of heights, clowns, and spiders by giving them a shot at walking the plank.
With our two virtual reality systems, we allow everyone over the age of 5 to test their adrenaline by riding the roller roaster, take a chance at swimming with dolphins, save the universe by shooting intergalactic spaceships, fight invading enemies as a soldier and much much more. By stepping inside our blacklight glowing laser maze, you have the chance to try and escape like a ninja or run and break as many lasers as you can in the time allotted. On top of all these amazing attractions, we offer a jungle gym, overlooking the game floor, where anyone of any age can go up in as long as they have socks on. Up in the gym we have a zipline and a really fast turning slide for those over the age of 4. But don’t worry, all those kids who are too young to go down the slide have the opportunity to either jump around in the bouncy house or ride the little roller roaster specially for them. To put everything together, we have a huge gaga ball arena full of soft inflatable beach balls and surrounded by two basketball machines, an air hockey machine and a high five machine all available for free play, just hit play and see if you can set a new high score.
That’s just the top floor, but once the party heads on downstairs, we allow all the kids to enjoy some pizza and apple juice. The parents are given their own section in the back where they can enjoy the pre-setup food that has been waiting for them. Once the kids have gotten their bellies stuffed, we help them digest the food with some staff interactive dancing and karaoke. With a huge screen projector teaching them to dance to the bubbles filling the air, the kids just can’t seem to get enough. So top it all off we offer the kids and the parents to get a chance to get pied in the face by some whip cream. The best thing of all is when we bring the birthday family up to the front and make sure the birthday child feels special by presenting them with either an ice cream or personal cake, while all the friends, family members and staff sing Happy Birthday really really loud, while everyone thinks back at how memorable this birthday really was.
By giving the kids and parents a chance to explore and play with all that we have to offer, we truly do ensure they have so much fun that they make memories to remember tomorrow.

Shawal Malik

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